Tools That Changed the Way We Work at Springnest Pt. 1

The past few months have been interesting at Springnest, to say the least. On the one hand, we’ve seen significant growth in users and new sites. On the other, we’ve been spread thin, and we’re scaling the business with minimal resources. At the end of September, we took a stab at running Springnest remotely (which has been exciting and successful so far). This post takes a deeper look at three of the tools we chose to develop operational systems and flow, why we love them, and how they change the way we work.


Bye Clutter

We chose Front as a Team Inbox solution, which was also our first shift towards a more streamlined support channel for clients. This narrowed Springnest’s mailboxes down to three primary accounts (one for sales, one for support, and one for billing/accounts), which we collaborated on. An instant relief for us was being able to assign incoming mail to the most relevant person straight away, instantly clearing clutter in our primary inbox.

Font allows us to Snooze conversions for a specific amount of time, which helps keep ‘open’ threads to a required minimum.

Hello Productivity

In-mail chat allows us to soundboard internally (if necessary), before replying to emails, avoiding bottlenecks or delays. We’ve been leveraging canned responses to speed up certain communications and actions that have not been automated yet.


“Just Asana it”

Asana’s functionality is diverse. For a long time we used it as a CRM/Task Management hybrid (which unfortunately lacked the features of a sales and forecasting tool). Where it eventually made the biggest impact on our daily operations, was by simply being a place where we could quickly log and assign any task, relating to any part of the business, with a desired deadline. At Springnest, we use four to five projects, with a series of subtasks and pre-populated to-do lists to keep our stack under control.

Base CRM

An automated sales process

There’s a lot we are still to discover in Base. Apart from sales forecasting, and being able to customise the stages incoming deals move through in our sales funnel, Base’s API allowed us to create a nifty in-house tool for our sales partner, NightsBridge.

Leads are logged and sales emails are sent from one interface, using a boilerplate that we can test and adapt as required. A unique sign-up link is generated in each sales email, so the sales representative is notified and the deal automatically moved through our sales pipeline when a new business joins Springnest.

In recent news, it sounds like we can expect new innovation from Base in the future.

I hope to find the time to share a couple more of these posts as we try and test new tools and apps, specifically around social monitoring and team communications. If you’ve got good examples of your own, please share.

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