photo-1457486276849-3f731d701f32 – A Content Goldmine For Destinations?

With more apps and online tools out there than one can download or use in one lifetime, it’s quite something when you discover a publishing platform that really shakes your perception of usability and value.

This was my experience when I joined a couple of weeks ago. Crafted by the gentlemen at Elepath in Sunny San Francisco, Exposure offers a photo-publishing and storytelling platform to a passionate, creative, and fast-growing online community.

Other than offering a brilliantly intuitive interface for publishers, Exposure has my attention for one simple reason: It’s content heaven. Exploring the site has a Pinterest-like addictive quality to it. Suggestion after suggestion, feeding you visual and inspirational content. Making you want to visit places you don’t know exist. Making you miss people you’ve never met.


It’s also at that point when I realised that it’s a brilliant marketing platform for DMOs. Here’s why:

The two secret ingredients

At it’s core, Exposure is a platform for storytelling. Although it (still) serves a smaller audience than image-driven social networks like Instagram or Pinterest, Exposure’s method of content publishing offers context and conclusion – two ingredients we often lack when working with user-generated content.

Categorised content, from the start

A challenge associated with UGC is incentivising users to categorise content by using marketable and trackable themes, while preserving it’s spontaneity (the hashtag currently serves as the most common solution for this). Looking at Exposure’s recent introduction of categories, the majority of the themes lie parallel to niche travel markets (food & drink, adventure, nature, humans, lifestyle etc).

Driven by influencers

With blogger campaigns becoming a popular and proven method for DMO’s, marketers are valuing online influencers as key roleplayers in marketing success.


Exposure is still young, and it might be a bit early to make a call on where the opportunities lie for destinations to get involved. I curently see two opportunities:

  • Identify and build relationships with writers and photographers who act as influencers in DMO source markets
  • Include available and relevant stories in DMO content and social media strategies.

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